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Adam Gregory

Adam Gregory performs at the 2012 CMA Music Festival 

Canadian born Country singer, Adam Gregory, signed his first record deal with Sony Music Canada at the age of 13. He released his debut album “The Way I’m Made” in 2000 earning him a Gold Record in Canada, along with a string of Top 10 hits on the Canadian Country charts.

By the age of 21, he had released three critically acclaimed albums (“The Way I’m Made“, “Workin’ On It“, and “Adam Gregory“).

Already a star in his native Canada, Adam moved to Nashville in 2006. Two years later, in 2008, he released his debut single in the U.S., “Crazy Days”, which attracted the attention of Big Machine Records.

Adam released a follow up single, “What It Takes” and in 2009 he was given the opportunity to star alongside John Schneider in the inspirational film “WWJD” (released in the U.S. in 2010).

Big Machine went on to release “Crazy Days” in Canada, but not in the U.S.

Adam left the label and has been focusing on his songwriting, touring in Canada, and working on new music since his departure from Big Machine. 

Adam is back with a brand new album, “Different Places” (Calusa Entertainment/GMV Records) Produced by Mark Moffat, “Different Places” was released in the U.S. and Canada in February 2012.

Last week, during the CMA Music Festival, Nashville Love had the chance to sit down and chat with the talented singer/songwriter about his musical influences, his latest album “Different Places”, and what he misses the most from his native Canada.

Nashville Love: First of all, let me thank you so much for taking your time here to chat with us.

Adam Gregory: Thank you!

NL: Why did you choose country music?

Adam: I grew up on it. It was something I was always surrounded with. Ya know, it was very uncommon for my parents not to have a George Strait album on or a Vince Gill album on. I just grew up with it.

NL: Is that common in Canada?

Adam: Ya know what it is, there’s a lot of country music. They hold the CCMA’s (Canadian Country Music Awards) every year, so it’s a big country following for sure.

NL: What was your “big break?”

Adam: Well, it had to have been my very first single that I released back in 2000. It became single of the year. It was the most played country song in Canada that year. It kinda just paved the way for me and a lot of tours sprouted from that and it was a great thing. And I'm grateful to now be down here (Nashville) just pursuing my music. 

NL: Who were your musical influences growing up?

Adam: I grew up listening to Vince Gill a lot. To this day I think he has one of the purest country voices. I don’t think he’s ever hit a bad note to my ears anyway (laughs).

NL: That’s a great person to look up to. Would Vince be one that you'd like to emulate your career after?

Adam: Certainly. He's had a very strong career. I remember that was one of my first concerts I ever went to, him and Bryan White. He just blew me away. He sounded just the same live as he does on his albums. There’s no mistaking Vince Gill.

NL: Do you have a favorite country music song?

Adam: There’s so many. Ya know what, I couldn’t really pick one. “Go Rest High On That Mountain” I think is a real powerful song but unfortunately it kind of emphasizes on bad times because I’ve sang it at a lot of funerals, but I think it is a great song.

NL: If you weren’t doing this today (country music), what would you be doing?

Adam: I don’t know. I didn’t ever have a back-up plan. I graduated high school and I went straight out on the road. That was my dream, just to finish school and hit the road. I would say if it didn’t work out as an artist I would probably be a producer or something.

NL: If you could work with anyone, who would that be?

Adam: Well, Jason Aldean already beat me to it, but I'd like to work with Bryan Adams. I love a lot of other music besides country as well, and Bryan Adams, I went to a couple of his concerts and he’s an awesome performer. Every song of his is like a possible #1! (laughs).

NL: What do you have on your iPod?

Adam: If you go on my iPod, I have everything from country to 80’s music, Boston, Journey, to Garth Brooks, Vince Gill. So it’s a variety. I’ve used up all my space so I can't enter anymore songs!

NL: What’s your favorite song you’ve ever recorded?

Adam: Well, I'm sure you get this a lot but I like every song. Obviously it hits home with a different meaning on every song. I've just tried to portray the emotion and everything behind them.

NL: And you do a really good job at that too. We love your new single, “High On You."

Adam: Thank you very much.

NL: How has your music changed since you released "Crazy Days," and left your label to concentrate on writing? What’s different?

Adam: Unfortunately, with the music industry, you never know what’s gonna happen. It wasn’t my choice to go away for that long. I didn’t want to and it was torture actually not to have new singles out. I’m really happy with this new single “High On You” and I really believe that my music has just matured, along with me. I'm getting older and my life experiences are getting better. I don’t think anybody can really say ‘you don’t know about love’ anymore and all that! (laughs).

NL: Any one performer that you would consider to be a “dream” tour that you’d love to go out on the road with?

Adam: Well, my wife would want me to tour with Keith Urban. That’s her “first” husband (laughs). I’m her second, so I took second place (laughs).

NL: And I’m sure you wouldn’t mind touring with Keith as well, right?

Adam: I would like to go out on tour with Keith Urban too! That’d be great! My wife would love it! (laughs).

NL: What can people expect to see and hear if they come out to one of your live shows?

Adam: Well, I've had a pretty long lasting career in Canada so I’ve gotten a lot of hits through the years. They’d probably see me play a mixture of my old to newer stuff and give ‘em a diverse show, and put in a few cover songs in there, maybe non-country songs. That’s what you see a lot of country artsists doing nowadays too. It just kinda splits it up.

NL: Ever been starstruck?

Adam: Yes I have. The very first time I met Vince Gill. It was a Vince Gill/Rodney Crowell private show and the engineer at the time that was working on my album, Jeff Balding, said 'Hey, you wanna meet Vince Gill? I’m like “Yeah!!' So it was at a studio down on Music Row and he said, 'Well, how about now?' So he took us down in the basement where Vince Gill’s dressing room was. My Mom was with me, and my producer at the time, and here was this 6’3”/6’4” guy, nice as could be. I think my Mom was starstruck even more. So I think that was probably the highlight at the time (laughs).

NL: We heard there’s something from Canada that you miss a lot, called Poutine. Tell us more about this.

Adam: (laughs) It’s French fries with cheese melted on it and gravy on top of that.

NL: Like a meat gravy?

Adam: Brown or white. Mostly brown. It’s a heart attack in a bucket. I used to get it everyday for lunch

NL: That’s interesting. We were wondering what that was. Is this a popular thing in Canada?

Adam: It's really popular. We had a cafeteria at school and they had it there.


Adam’s current single, “High On You” is now at country radio and you can pick up a copy of his new album “Different Places” on iTunes here.Keep up to date on the latest Adam Gregory news and tour dates on his website at or follow Adam on Twitter @adamgregorysong