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Texas Singer/Songwriter Ali Dee Releases New Single "It Ain't"

 May 7, 2013

Texas singer/songwriter Ali Dee, is releasing her brand new single “It Ain’t” from a forthcoming soon-to-be titled album, and she can't wait for her fans to hear the new tune! Ali Dee has been busy writing, recording and playing her new material live. We here at Nashville Love always enjoy getting to talk to this multi-talented Texas girl. We chatted with her recently about the many things going on in her career lately. Not only is she preparing a new album, but she's also planning her very first fashion show, and recently sang for the troops overseas...oh, and she's also a huge 'N Sync fan! Check out our interview below and be sure to head over to to listen to her rockin' new single, "It Ain't"!

Nashville Love: So, I’ve been listening to your new single “It Ain’t”, and I love it!

Ali Dee: Thank you so much! I’m just in love with that song. I think it’s so fun and it’s been doing pretty good so far. It just went out to Country radio, so everyday we’re seeing stations adding it across the country, which is CRAZY to me, cause it seems like it’s been such a long time to get to this moment.

NL: I love the sassiness in it.

AD: Me too! Sassiness is right up my alley.


NL: Will we see more songs like this one on the next album?

AD: Yes. The songs I’ve been writing and really thinking about for the next album are very “me”. They’re very sassy, fun, and energetic. Some are more on the emotional side…well, most of them are less emotional. I’m not a goo goo ga ga type person, so for me, it’s a lot easier to sing about fun stuff that I like to do everyday rather than get too deep and emotional.

NL: Tell us a little about how you came about choosing this song (written by Ryan Tyndell and Pat McLaughlin).

AD: I was visiting with a friend, and he had mentioned he had this song he wanted me to hear. He thought it would be something really great for me and when I heard it, I immediately fell in love with it. I love the chorus! I just thought it was perfect and loved everything about it. It was a fun, relatable song that a lot of girls can relate to. I told him, “Let me start playing it with my band. We’re actually going over to Europe to tour for the troops. We’re doing the Armed Forces Entertainment tour, and going to Germany and Kosovo and all these places. Let me play this song for the troops and I’ll think about cutting it”. So, I had the band learn the song, and we went overseas and played for the boys at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo. I told them if they liked this song, it was gonna be the next single, and let me know what they think. At the meet and greet afterwards, there must have been over 200 guys there, and said they loved the song! So, I said, “Alright, ya’ll are picking the next single”!

NL: I was going to ask you about your trip overseas to perform for the troops. How was it performing for these men and women? I’m sure it was an experience you’ll never forget.

AD: It was crazy! It was such a whirlwind. We were at a base one day, gone the next. There was something that I really wasn’t expecting that I found to be fun and interesting. It wasn’t just the soliders there, but also their families. So I sang for a lot of their wives and kids. One day I’d be singing for a group of rowdy soldiers, and the next day singing to 8-10 year olds and their parents! I had to really be able to adjust to go from like Garth Brooks “Friends In Low Places” to more “Stand By Me” type of stuff. *laughs* It was a really fun experience overall. I hope to go back. We had a really great time. They’ve talked about us going back, going to the Mediterranean, and maybe to Asia and Guam. For me as an artist, that’s a platform I just feel strong about, and supporting our military. It came about because of the show ‘Texas Women’. The gentleman who is in charge of Armed Forces Entertainment, his wife was in love with the show, and loved me from the show, so they invited me to do an Armed Forces Entertainment Tour. When I got the email, I kinda thought it was a joke at first. I thought, “How in the world do they know about me”?? Sure enough, he told me the story about his wife and it was about 6 months from that point until I went on the trip.

NL: Speaking of ‘Texas Women’, will we be seeing another season?

AD: No, ‘Texas Women’ has been laid to rest. *laughs* Brooke is off rodeoing, and Anna and Hannah both moved away. It was a really great place for me to build my career. I got so many fans so quickly. But, it’s nice to be back and just focusing on the music.


NL: Are you planning to shoot a video for “It Ain’t”?

AD: I am! I have been daydreaming about this video. Of course I want a $9 million dollar budget in my brain, so I have to figure out how to get all that down to an Independent artist budget! *laughs* I’ve used a great director in the past, Marcel, for “Sweet Southern Song”, so hopefully we can work together again and come up with something really “bad ass”!


NL: You were one of the only female Independent country artists to break into the top 15 on the iTunes Country chart. How awesome is that?!

AD: Oh my Gosh! Let me tell you about that! That was one of the best days of my life! It’s kind of weird how it came about. I just decided I’m gonna put the EP out. I had no promotion, no media, no nothing. I just decided on a Monday, to put it out on iTunes the next week. Told the Facebook fans, told the Twitter followers, it’s gonna be available on iTunes. So I woke up one morning, and my friend text me and was like “Oh my gosh, you’re number 98 on the iTunes chart!” I was like “WHAAAAAT?” I was freaking out! I couldn’t believe I even broke into the top 100. So then, my friends and I just watched it climb, and climb, and climb! My friend Katie owns a little boutique, and we were just bouncing around her store all day! It was the craziest thing for me! I never in a million years imagined I’d be able to do that. We started getting emails from distribution, iTunes, and congratulatory type stuff. I hope to have some really great success with the second album as well. The fans have been so supportive. I’m doing this ALL on my own, ya know?!


NL: With that being said, does that put pressure on you as you release new material, or does it challenge you?

AD: I’ve never thought about pressure, so I guess not. I just feel like I’m even more excited to put out the new material. I’m one of those people that I’m never going to be satisfied. I always want better…for the fans and for myself, just to continue to raise the bar. I have high expectations. I don’t feel pressure, I just feel excited!


NL: I read that there will be an Ali Dee Collection Fashion Show coming up soon. Tell us a little bit more about that.

AD: The Ali Dee Collection started almost a year ago now. It’s a very young company. I wanted fun, fashionable, stuff I could either wear if I’m working on ranch and want to be comfortable, or something I could dress up and wear out. I just kinda wanted something that was versatile. I started to develop these tees and they just sold like hotcakes! We ended up getting them in over 150 boutiques around the country. Now we’re getting ready to launch new tees, and I was talking to my friend Katie, and she said I should do a fashion show. I said to her, “Girl, I’m not gonna do a fashion show!!” Then she got me all excited to do that. So, I’m trying it! We’re gonna have our first fashion show at one of our favorite boutiques in the Stock Yards here in Fort Worth, so hopefully a lot of people will show up! We’re gonna do a model search online and ask our fans that are 18 and older, to submit pictures. We’ll have the Facebook fans vote on the models. I think it’s gonna be really fun!


NL: If we were to look at your iPod right now, what would be the strangest or most embarrassing thing we would find on there?

AD: Oh, gosh…I’m guess I’m a diehard ‘N Sync always have been, always will be. JC Chasez, I love you, wherever you are! I would say that is my guilty pleasure…’N Sync and a little Backstreet Boys. Love me some boy bands! I would say I have a very cheesy taste in music. I love everything that any artist does.

NL: We asked your fans on Twitter to tweet us their questions for you. Peggy would like to know: What is your favorite pair of boots? And do you have a favorite brand?

AD: Probably my favorite pair of boots are my Liberty black fringe boots. I’ve had ‘em for like a year or maybe two. I just bought them in another color. They’ve got fringe that hangs all the way down to the floor, and the fringe ends up sweeping up everything that’s at any bar! They’re getting all gross, cause they collect beer and stuff from the floor!

NL: Do you have any touring plans for the remainder of 2013?

AD: Yes! I have a ton of shows coming up here in May…Toby Keith’s Bar & Grill in Dallas, Mt. Pleasant at the rodeo, Grapevine…festivals and rodeos. I’m actually trying to work with a promoter out in California to do a California run. Hopefully we’ll get that done. We’re looking at maybe Fresno, or Bakersfield.


NL: If you could choose a dream tour to be on, any tour out there right now, who would you like to tour with?

AD: I would have to say…I have two. Can I have two??


NL: *laughs* You can have two.

AD: My first one, I immediately think of George Strait, just because he’s George Strait! He has the enormous Cowboy Rides Away tour, that I’m dying to see. He’s not only one of my musical idols, but he’s CUTE, and I wouldn’t mind watching his shows every single day! Then, secondly, I would say Jason Aldean because I feel like I could learn a lot from him. He has a rockin’ style.


NL: What is your goal for the next year? What do you hope to accomplish?

AD: I just want to continue to build a strong fan base, and continue to write music. I’m putting out my album in the Fall, which I’m really excited about. Just continue to expand as much as I can and kinda build the whole grassroots thing.


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