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Catching Up With Amber Hayes


April 30, 2013

A-OK Entertainment/GMV Nashville recording artist Amber Hayes has released her new single, “Any Day Is A Good Day” to Country radio.

The single is the first release off her new album, "Any Day Is A Good Day", and is produced by Nashville-based producer Paul Compton. The song was co-written by Hayes, Bill DiLuigi and JP Williams.

We last spoke with Amber at the 2012 CMA Music Festival where she performed at the Chevrolet Roadhouse Stage. Since then, 2013 has proven to be a busy year for her so far. Nashville Love had the chance to catch up with Amber to chat about her latest album, "Any Day Is A Good Day", touring plans, and much more.  Check out the interview below.



Nashville Love: We last got the chance to talk with you at last years CMA Music Festival…since then, you have released your new album “Any Day Is A Good Day”, what else has been going on with you since then?

Amber Hayes: Well, let’s see, since last CMA Fest, I’ve had song placements in Hart Of Dixie on the CW from my first EP “C’mon”, which was exciting. I was just recently featured in film here in Nashville called “Music City USA” that was part of the Nashville Film Festival last week. About two months ago, it was a dream come true for me, I got the opportunity to open for Reba in my home state of Oklahoma. That was really really awesome.



NL: Last time we chatted with you, you mentioned she was one of your musical influences. What was it like to open for her?

AH: Oh my goodness, it was amazing! All my family was there. It was a night I’ll never forget. Being that it was in Oklahoma, a lot of my family and friends that I grew up performing for were there. It was awesome! I got to do 30 minutes and do my songs. It was just so cool to be a part of her show and to open for a person who has been so influential to me.



NL: How was the process of recording your 2nd album different than recording your 1st one?

AH: I think with the 2nd one, I kind of had a different process about picking the songs and deciding exactly what I was going to record. I wanted it to be more of an album instead on an EP. I had certain slots that I wanted to fill. I wanted a ‘story’ song, so “Somewhere Out West” kind of fit that. I wanted a vulnerable love song, and “A Little While Longer” filled that spot. Those were some outside songs. Then, I co-wrote a couple of the songs on the record. I had an opportunity really go out and search for songs this time and spend more time in that part of the process, which was really nice.



NL: I love “Me And Loretta”. It’s one of my favorites on the album. Do you have a personal favorite off of the new album?

AH: Gosh, it’s really hard. I love “Me And Loretta” for the sentimental value of it because I am a Loretta Lynn fan. And also, “Any Day Is A Good Day” is probably my favorite just because of the meaning of the song.


NL: You recently shot a lyric video for your single “Any Day Is A Good Day”. Will we be seeing an official video anytime soon?

AH: Yeah, actually, I was just talking about that before I got on the phone with you. That is in the works right now. We’re hoping that’s gonna come together pretty soon and we’ll get that going and get it out. But, the lyric video will be out next week and I’m really excited about that.



NL: I read that you were involved with a guide book for aspiring musicians moving to Nashville. I know lots of musicians move to Music City expecting to knock on a few doors and immediately come away with a record deal. But, it doesn’t typically work that way. What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

AH: I would just say to hold on tight to your dreams, just don’t give up. Treat your career, whatever it is, if it’s involving music, if it’s an artist or a songwriter, or whatever, treat it like a job even if you have to have three other jobs to pay your bills. Make time, and do something for that everyday to get you further down the road. Take it day by day, but you HAVE to treat it like a job and work hard. Sometimes we do a lot of things that we don’t get paid for, to get us further down the road. That would be my advice.



NL: Billboard’s ‘The 615’ named you as ‘One To Watch In 2013’. Does that create a lot of pressure for you, or is it more of a challenge?

AH: I think its more of a challenge. I was actually one of the only Independent artists in that list. I find that it’s challenging because a lot of the artists are on major labels and have a lot of resources and help. I have a great team behind me but everybody kind of does about four or five different jobs. It’s a challenge for me to kind of try to keep up with these people. I have to work a little bit harder. I’m very thankful for them for recognizing me in that list. It was an honor for sure.



NL: We asked your fans on Twitter to tweet us their questions for you. Angela (@AngelaESullivan) would like to know: What is the biggest goal you have yet to reach in Country Music?

AH: I would like to sing on the Grand Ole Opry. That’s one thing I have not yet to do in my career.


NL: What are your touring plans for the remainder of 2013? Will we be seeing you at CMA Fest again this year?

AH: Yes, we were just talking about that too today. We’re working on all of that. I will definitely be at CMA Fest. I just recently signed with a new booking agent, so I feel like we will be seeing some shows come up on the schedule really soon, so I’m excited!

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