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Album Review: Craig Campbell "Never Regret"

Posted by Administrator on May 6, 2013 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)


As one of Craig Campbell’s biggest fans no one could be more excited about the release of his Sophomore album “Never Regret“, than I am. Craig, a Georgia native, was raised in Lyons, Georgia. He started playing his music in local competitions in his hometown. Before being signed with Bigger Picture Group, Craig played keyboard for Luke Bryan and Tracy Lawrence. He started playing a weekly show at The Stage on Broadway where his awesome talent was discovered.

Craig has written or co-written six of the twelve tracks on “Never Regret”. Keith Stegall produces this second collection of songs from an artist that deserves to be played on radio, have sold out shows, and be at the top of all the charts. The four years that I have been listening to Craig Campbell and watching him do what he loves to do, I’ve gotten to know this sweet, down to Earth family man. Writing songs and singing, while enjoying life with his wife Mindy and two little girls, is his dream! “Never Regret” will definitely have him on his way of living and enjoying this dream even more!

Craig’s newest single “Outta My Head” is a catchy tune about a girl he can’t forget. It’s a song that once you hear it, you cant get it ‘outta your head‘. Love, love this song!

“Truck N Roll” is a fun song about driving around on dirt roads blasting music and having fun with a special girl! This will be for sure be a song a lot of couples will ride around blaring on their radios as they get in their truck and roll.

“Topless” is another fun song which Craig and his wife Mindy wrote together. It’s another promising summer hit! Makes you want to jump in the jeep with the top down, and enjoy a hot summer day with the one you love. You can use your imagination for a lot of fun things…topless!

In “Keep Them Kisses Coming”, Craig’s voice will have all the girls melting. “I can’t imagine doing nothing but what I’m doing. Just laying around tangled up with you. We got our buzz on sippin’ on a little something‘. I need your lovin’ just keep them kisses coming”. This is definitely one of my favorite songs on the album.

“Never Regret” is another amazing song. It’s about the start of a new relationship, when everything the girl does drives the guy crazy. The kisses, the fire in her eyes, the touch of her hands are all leading up to falling in love! “Never Regret” is a song every girl would love hearing Craig sing to them as they imagine the guy they want to hear saying those things to her.

“You Can Come Over” is another side of a relationship where he’s been hurt by her over and over. He knows if he lets her in his home, it will happen all over again. We’ve all been there with that one person, when all it takes is to let them in your life again and you fall and get hurt again… Another song a lot of us can relate to. I could sit and listen to it over and over.

“Tomorrow is Gone” is another song of heartbreak – without her tomorrow is gone.

“When She Grows Up” opens with Craig’s oldest daughter, Preslee, singing a verse from “Jesus Loves Me“. Knowing Craig, I know how much his wife and daughters mean to him. In this song, he sings about wanting to be everything his daughter wants him to be as she grows up. You can feel how much he loves his little girls as he sings the lyrics. He will move mountains to do everything to make his little girl happy and show her he will always love her. I’m sure every time he sings this song, he sees his girls in his mind. The first time I heard Craig sing this song, it brought tears to my eyes.

“My Baby’s Daddy” is another song about those daughters, when they start to grow up, and what their father is gonna be like when a man wants to date her, or ask for her hand in marriage. A very protective dad that every guy better be scared of. I’m sure a lot of fathers can relate to this song, and a lot of guys have encountered these dads.

Be sure to pick up your copy of “Never Regret” available in stores and on iTunes tomorrow! You won’t ‘regret’ it!!

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Review by A. Jordan - Nashville Love