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New Artist Spotlight: Sasha McVeigh

Posted by Administrator on April 26, 2014 at 1:55 AM

Sasha McVeigh's love of music began at an early age. Country music has always been a heavy influence in her life, but it wasn't until she began writing songs at the age of 12 that she put her roots down in Country music. 


After first visiting Nashville in 2010 as a tourist, she later returned to record her very first EP, consisting of all original music. The EP was released on her birthday, March 16, 2013. 2013 proved to be a big year for Sasha, as she embarked on a summer tour of the US which covered 17 cities and 13 states. She was also given the opportunity to be interviewed and to perform on The Christopher Gabriel Program (WDAY Fargo, ND).


Most recently, Sasha opened the 2014 ACM Kick Off Party at The Linq in Las Vegas, NV, and was interviewed by several television networks including Fox5, KTNV, and GAC.

Sasha McVeigh performs at the Academy of Country Music Kick Off Party in Las Vegas


A few days ago, Nashville Love had the chance to do a Skype interview with the very talented British Country singer/songwriter from across the pond.  Check out our interview below and be sure to follow Sasha on Facebook, Twitter, and on Instagram.  Her music is also available for download at


Nashville Love: Seeing as Country music isn’t very big in the UK, how did you come about wanting to become a country music singer?


Sasha: My Dad was a huge Country music fan. I was born in 1994, and up until about 2000 we used to get CMT broadcast in the UK, because it was still popular. So, really when Garth Brooks was popular, that’s when it was popular in the UK. He was a huge Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson fan, and he loved Cat Stevens as well. Apparently, there’s this story that when I was about 18 months old, until I was about 2, he used to dance with me around our living room to CMT. I never really thought anything of specifically being a Country singer. I always wanted to be a singer, but the Country part never really developed until I was about 12 and started writing songs, and they just came out Country. When I started listening to the genre again, and kind of rediscovering that genre, that’s when I realized this is MY genre, this is my favorite genre, I love everything about it, these are my songs and I want to be a Country singer.


Nashville Love: That’s great, since like we discussed, it’s not a popular genre there, and no Country radio stations.


Sasha: Yep, exactly. There’s no Country radio stations and it’s not played on any of the regular stations. Well, there are a couple of small things, like on BBC radio, they have a Country hour. I think it’s every Sunday. I was actually played on that a couple of weeks ago, which was so cool! The thing is, it’s such a minority over here, even the Country To Country Festival which is a big Country music festival that happens at the O2. The first one was in 2012, and then there’s one next year. I think this year, it actually sold out, but in 2012 it didn’t even sell out and there were these huge acts like Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban!


Nashville Love: Who are some of your influences and favorite artists?


Sasha: I’m a huge Zac Brown Band fan. I’m completely obsessed with them and everything that they do. Somehow I always miss them in concert. No matter how I try to figure it out, their bus breaks down, or something bizarre happens and I always miss them. I’m also a huge Elvis Presley fan and have been since I was 7. Definitely he must have influenced me somehow. I also love musicals and Disney music, so I’m kind of a mix really. In terms of just Country, I really love Kacey Musgraves. I think she is an amazing songwriter and she’s kind of bringing back that old Country sound. I love Dolly Parton as well. I’m just really a mix.


Nashville Love: Tell us a little about your very first trip to Nashville. That must have been surreal.


Sasha: My first trip as a vacation, or my first trip as a singer?


Nashville Love: How about both?


Sasha: My first trip just as a tourist was in 2010. That was my first time ever going to Nashville, and the thing was, even though I kind of considered myself to be a Country singer, it wasn’t as cemented as it is now. I still didn’t know a huge amount about lots of different artists. I knew about Taylor Swift because she’s kind of popular over here, and then the more older artists, rather than people like Jason Aldean that I came to know about. It was amazing! We went to The Ryman, and just seeing that city it was incredible. I’d been to Vegas before, and it’s kind of like the Vegas of the South.


Nashville Love: Well, you know people do call it “Nashvegas”!


Sasha: Yes, exactly! You get down to Broadway and there’s all the lights, but they’re honky tonk bars! No matter where you go, there’s always someone singing, and everybody knows every song. You sort of go in there and they say “Oh, make a request”! I was like “I don’t know…you may not know this one”…but they just do, somehow they know it. I absolutely loved it! We went back again in 2011 as tourists. It was in 2012, in July, we were just planning to go there for two weeks, just to kind of get an idea of the city, and how to get booked for shows. That’s when I really started doing this professionally. I had finished school in June, and my Mom (my manager) had sent all my music to people in Nashville. Basically, we had nonstop emails over the next two days with people wanting to book me, which was insane! What was a plan to do just one or two shows turned into two weeks of solid playing. Then I was asked to go back for an eight week stint in October, so I went from October to the beginning of December. That’s when I recorded my album. We went back again in February and that’s when it all kind of took off. I did my tour the next summer. So, really it was that trip to Nashville in 2012 that really started the ball rolling. What a great place to start in Nashville! It doesn’t get better than that!


Nashville Love: One of your new tracks that you will be releasing soon, “Mr. Brown Eyes“, has a great story behind the song. Tell us a bit about that song came to be.


Sasha: Yes, it will be released very very soon. Happening in the next couple of months is the plan. So, everyone is obsessed with this story now! I didn’t think people would think it was as interesting as I thought it was! I think it’s great and it’s crazy and I love telling this story. Basically, “Mr. Brown Eyes” is about this guy who I originally met, or really kind of SAW him, at Margaritaville in Nashville. This was on our first trip, so it was the 2010 trip. There was this guy who was a server, and he was really attractive, so naturally he caught my eye. I never really thought anything of it, of course, until last summer when I went to Walt Disney World with my friend. So, we’re busy enjoying the park when I see this guy who looks extremely familiar. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I figured out where I recognized him from, and he did turn out to be that guy from Margaritaville! We got talking, and he jokingly said “You should write a song about me”, because of how weird this whole thing was, not knowing I was a singer/songwriter. So I did! When I performed the song at the ACM Kick Off Party in Vegas, that was my first time performing it in front of him, which explains why I was so flustered singing it that night. Like the song says, he makes me “go weak in the knees”!


Nashville Love: It says in your bio that song writing is very important to you, do you have a favorite song that you have written?


Sasha: That’s always a difficult one. My favorite one usually changes depending on which one is the newest. If I tried to think about it logically, my favorite one is “I Should’ve Realised”, which is on my EP, track number six. That one is written about a guy who was my first boyfriend. The whole relationship was kind of a roller coaster. Basically, he ended up being gay. It was one of those situations where I didn’t really know where I stood for a long time because he was unsure about his sexuality. A lot of the songs I’ve written are about him. A couple of the ones on my EP are about him. There’s a lot of others that I haven’t released, older ones that are about him. But that one, “I Should’ve Realised” was actually the very last song I ever wrote about him. It’s one of those songs where everybody always blames the other person in the relationship. It takes time, and once you’ve actually moved on, you can look back and realize where you made mistakes. Like most girls, I made the mistake of covering up when he tried to be honest with me, and say “Look, this is how it is and I don’t think we should be together anymore”. You ignore it and think everything is fine. If I had actually been realistic in the first place, and listened to what he was saying, I should’ve realized. That’s kind of why it’s my favorite one, because it’s like an ending song.


Nashville Love: As you mentioned earlier, you were recently chosen to perform at The Academy Of Country Music Kick Off Party in Las Vegas. You got the opportunity to open for Cole Swindell, David Nail, and Hunter Hayes. What was going through your head as you walked out onto that stage?


Sasha: I have no idea! That’s the question everyone asks me. When I went for the sound check it still hadn’t really sunk in that I was there. There was still that thought that this isn’t gonna happen, or something will go wrong at the last minute. It’s just so unbelievable that I would get chosen over SO many other artists to get such a huge opportunity like that. I just remember walking on that stage and thinking, “OH MY GOODNESS this is actually happening! Nobody pinch me in case I wake up”! The other thing is, obviously I’m British, you never really know how an audience is going to react. Americans are very patriotic and their Country is very important to them, and that’s what Country music is really about. That’s one of the key things with Country music, is that is it a very American centered genre. So, you never really know how people are going to respond to you, but they loved it!


Nashville Love: If you could go on tour with any artist right now, of any genre, who would it be and why?


Sasha: That’s a tough one! Hmm…oh my goodness, that’s REALLY hard! There’s so many different artists that I like. It’s a tough one. In terms of Country music, I would like to tour with someone like Dolly Parton, because she is doing a tour right now, or someone like George Strait. They’ve been in the business for such a long time, and achieved so many things in their lifetime with their music. Their music has done so much for other people. I’m also a huge Elton John fan, so someone like that, rather than just who my favorite is, like Zac Brown Band. I mean if someone knocked on my door and said “hey, you can go on tour with Zac Brown Band“, I wouldn’t say no, but in terms of how much I could learn from people like Dolly, George Strait, and Elton John, and how wonderful it would be to have them want to work with me as well, it would be someone like that. Legends, so to speak.


Nashville Love: Do you have any touring plans for the remainder of 2014? Anymore performances here in the US?


Sasha: I sure do! It’s gonna be one CRAZY summer! At the moment, I’m getting ready to go on tour here in the UK. Just a very small tour of universities, and small gigs kind of like that. I go back to the US at the end of May, and I’m going to be at Country Jam in Colorado, Country Jam in Wisconsin, Country Stampede in Kansas, and Country Thunder in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. There’s plans for me to perform in a couple of different states on the way, because we’re driving the whole thing. Except I am going to be flying to LA, for something else exciting that I can’t reveal at this moment. You’ll be seeing me in a lot of different cities this summer.


Nashville Love: Any plans to play in Nashville?


Sasha: I’m probably going to be doing some recording in Nashville but no shows at the moment. Hopefully in the near future.


You can also check out Sasha's performance from the ACM Kick Off Party in Las Vegas by visiting her YouTube Channel at






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