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Nashville Love Artist Spotlight: Scott DeCarlo

May 8, 2013

Former New Jersey police Sergeant, Scott DeCarlo made the move to Nashville following his dreams to be a singer. With musical influences ranging from Queen to Frank Sinatra, DeCarlo has his own unique sound, which he describes himself as “a whole lot of rock with a little bit of country”. His debut single, “Havin’ A Good Time”, is now at country radio. Eager to release new tunes, he is currently in the studio working on his next album.

Nashville Love got the chance to learn more about this police Sergeant turned musician during a recent interview, and he is definitely one to watch! DeCarlo has the drive and determination to break thru in this tough industry. Check out the interview below, and be sure to head over to and give his single, “Havin A Good Time” a listen!


Nashville Love: Last year, you released your debut album, “A Whole New Kind Of Crazy”. What was the recording process like for your first album?

Scott DeCarlo: It was interesting, and I mean that in a “growth” kind of way. I’ve been writing and playing for a long time. Most of the people I’ve recorded with over the years have kinda said “Okay, this is how we’re gonna do it”, and told me how it goes. So, when we did the record, it was very similar, but I had a little more input on how I wanted things to sound. My sound is kinda rockin’ and the producers and engineers were really going after the pop-country sound. I really didn’t want that. I think my sound is unique and different. Even in “Havin’ A Good Time”, it doesn’t come off as hard rockin’ as I would like it to be. I had people telling me “Hey this is what we should do” and I followed along. This new EP I’ve got coming out is more Scott DeCarlo. Recording the first album was an interesting process, but I grew from it. This time around it worked a little smoother because the producer and I were a little more comfortable with each other, so I had no problem saying “Hey, I want this to be this way”.



NL: So, you would describe your sound as country-rock….but definitely not pop?

SD: I’m definitely not pop! I’ve described my sound before as a whole lot of rock with a little bit of country and a whole lot of Southern comfort.



NL: I read that you used to be a New Jersey police Sergeant before moving to Nashville. What prompted you to leave that all behind and pursue a career in music?

SD: That’s a good question. Someday I aspire to be a good dad and a good husband, even though I don’t have any children yet and I’m not married *laughs* If you know anybody, send 'em my way…I like long walks on the beach and candlelight dinner...*laughs*. The truth is, I’m very spiritual. I may not seem that way all the time, but when I’m in public, I like to be fun. I do a lot of thinking and meditating. My personal vision of life is to always follow and pursue what you love, always follow your dreams. It was never a dream of mine to be a police officer. It was a good job that I learned to love. Helping people was always a top priority in my life and still is, but I thought to myself I have this opportunity, and I’m being told my sound is really different, and really good, and that people are really gonna take to it. However, for me to do it, I’d have to be in Nashville and start working with promotions. I thought to myself, how can I someday tell my children that they need to follow their dreams at all costs and pursue the life that they really want, as opposed to getting stuck in a job that may be a great job and a good paying job, but isn’t where your heart really is. The aspect of helping people is amazing and there’s not better feeling in the world, however, I had to pursue what I love. I was four years old when I knew I wanted to do it and I had to do it. Thankfully, the job is of sorts that I can take a leave of absence, which is what I did. If I want to go back, I can go back with security. I’d lose my time but not my grade. So, this was something I HAD to do. How do I lead by example if I don’t follow my dream?



NL: Who were your musical influences growing up?

SD: We’re gonna be here all day! *laughs* It is such a vast array of different types of music and different artists. I was touched by everything I heard…from the 50’s and 60’s to Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. My Mom introduced me to Elvis’ music. As I grew older, I loved the likes of Queen, Boston and The Police. I loved rockin’ music, like Skynyrd. I can go on for a week! Hard rock…Metallica, getting into real rough music as well. Then there’s 80’s rock, and there’s nothing better. That’s kinda what today’s country is, an 80’s rock format. Add a little fiddle and steel guitar, shake it up and you’ve got today’s pop country. There’s so many different things, even dance music…things you hear and think “Wow, that’s catchy.” It wasn’t till I was older, probably in the early 90’s, that Country music actually grabbed me. At the time, it was a whole lot of Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, Travis Tritt and Kenny Chesney’s early stuff.



NL: You are currently in the studio working on new material. When do you expect to release your next album?

SD: Well, whether it’s gonna be an album or an EP has no yet been decided. I do know that we’re gonna release another single, “I See Trouble Comin‘”. It will be the follow up to “Havin’ A Good Time”.



NL: Your single, “Havin’ A Good Time”, recently released to Country radio, is a fun, feel good song. Did you write this track?

SD: I did.



NL: What about the new single?

SD: I did not write that one. It was written by David Lee Murphy and Chris Young.



NL: If you could sing/work with anyone, who would it be and why?

SD: That’s a tough question cause there are so many people that I admire as writers and producers. I guess it would be who I could learn the most from. I would love to sit down and learn from Paul McCartney, or Mutt Lang. I would love to sit in a room and fool around with songs with Eric Church. Also, Butch Walker, whose worked with Pink. Just anyone I can learn from.


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